I’ve doubled my business over the past year in working with Kevin, and it was easy. He helps me think on my feet, so I prioritize the possibilities in front of me, making the most effective use my time. I value his honesty and the unyielding pursuit of truth in our actionable discussions together. While Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience that’s outside of my sphere, he’s not concerned about being the smartest person in the room. He’s more committed to me as his client producing the results I want.

Shmuel Silverman

Founder and CEO, Multiinovation

Its a rare opportunity to be able to hire a business coach who knows what it is to be a CEO. Kevin knows what its like to be accountable for sales, for cash flow and for peoples lives and careers. He’s a stand for people really being the best they can be. Straightforward, honest, direct, he’ll always raise the bar on you and challenge you to perform at a higher level.

Jon Stone

Venture Capitalist, The Stone Group

One of the things I appreciate most about coaching with Kevin is that I always come away with concepts, ideas, and understandings of the world that soak into who I am on a deep level. It’s more than an event or a short term experience, it’s a metamorphosis that will forever impact the way that I do life and business.

Bjork Ostrom

Owner, Foodbloggerpro.com & "A Pinch of Yum"

In working with Kevin for the last two years, we’ve transformed from a haphazardly run, out of focus mechanical contractor into a sharply focused, hugely profitable firm with our profit margins increasing over 300%. As an owner, I’m more productive and crystal clear about what I want out of my business and my life. I’m really enjoying running my company again and the results we’re producing.

Rob Terry


What I got out of a year working with Kevin was clarity, confidence and change.

Kevin’s style is “no bullsh*t.” He asks the right questions to figure out what is really going on with you, your business, your business partner/s (in my case, my husband), your employees, your clients, and your life outside of work. I learned to talk and think about my business in important new ways.  It’s not a sit back and let him do the work kind of thing – you have to be ready to get your hands dirty and shine a light in some dark places. We’ve had other consultants in the past and they were not nearly as effective as Kevin, plus he’s fun to work with!

Sue Slagle

VP of Finance, KSDB Inc.

“An Irishman and Scotsman walk into a coffee shop. By working with the Scotsman, the Irishman triples his production, gets focused on what he wants, and attacks his game with strategy and intelligence. Any questions?”

Kevin Sullivan

CEO, Connor, Alexander and Sullivan Insurance Agency

“Relentless and committed are two words I would describe in what’s it like to work with Kevin.  He has an amazing talent to get to the heart of whatever I’m working with. Once I tell him what I want he just doesn’t let up. That level of commitment to me as a client means I move my business forward every time we meet.”

Nicole Gruen

CEO, The Linked Team

If you’re looking to grow your revenues AND your bottom line, then I encourage you to work with Kevin – your investment will come back to you ten fold. Kevin is rigorous, focused and knows how to implement new ideas quickly and effectively to deliver great results. His people skills allow him to bring out the best in the people and elicit their highest potential.

Vicki Suiter

CEO, Suiter Business Builders

The investment I made coaching with Kevin has been a lasting transformation that has continued to influence my decisions every day forward. Coaching with Kevin was like buying a magic bean … He helped me find the time and the value in digging deep into my personal and business goals. He then helped plant some seeds along the way that have now grown well up into the clouds giving me a much clearer view of my talents and abilities to achieve anything. Thanks again Kevin, for leading me towards the gold!

Dan Galitzen

Owner, School of Dance & Music studios - Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach

Kevin’s insightful coaching allowed me to sustainably increase my revenues helping people get amazing loans while working just a third of the time I did in years past.

Laura Levine

Senior Lending Advisor, T.I.A. Bank

Kevin has been a tremendous resource in thinking through and executing on challenging decisions. His focus and tenacity in promoting a clear road map for success really helped us keep our eye on the ball and concentrate on issues that really mattered. We’re a much stronger organization after Kevin’s counsel and we couldn’t be happier.

Myles Weissleder


Kevin is one of those rare people who makes coaching an art AND a powerful transformational space. And transformed I was… fast and furious-ly (in a good way). Because of this, I’m back on track doing the things I love (for myself and my business). And traveling around the world (yay) to do it!

Ben Gioia

Bestselling Author, Leading With A Heart

After working with Kevin we now have the systems in place and measurements that really help us to relax, prosper and know where we’re at all times. He was really patient in working with us, helping us install some financial controls that allowed us to grow our margins. Kevin helped us look at the whole picture and made it fun along the path. He started from nothing, kept growing and has continued to be successful, that was important to us in a business coach

Jeff Allen

Co-Founder and CEO, Community Fuels

Kevin’s generous enthusiasm, positive outlook and willingness to cut directly to the chase really supported us in reaching key business goals. We saw an increase in productivity and employee retention, making me a more effective CEO. Kevin walks his talk and is able to support others to do the same.

Marc Mendelsohn

President, Universal Design Specialists, Inc

I know that my work with clients is only as powerful as the work I am doing on myself. Kevin Waldron has been my business coach for years now. I highly, highly recommend his process. It’s effective, results oriented and has been powerful in all areas of my life – personally and professionally. Schedule time to talk to him….he’s worth his weight in gold.

Lisa Pepper-Satkin


I would not be where I am today in business without Kevin’s tenacity, compassion and vigilance.  Because of his willingness to help me transform every part of my life, I’ve been able to drop over 50 pounds and create a brand new exercise program called JOYCYCLE which I’m currently trademarking. I can also credit Kevin with encouraging me to create a new romantic relationship in my life—just when I though my life was too full to accommodate anything else, Kevin assisted me in shifting my way of thinking and acting such that I could “have it all” and have it all work.  Today, I am happier and more fulfilled than I ever thought possible.

Mark Cordeiro

Owner, Healthworks Total Fitness

Kevin’s ongoing kindness, generosity and support have been instrumental in my company’s growth and success.  He has a fantastic ability to look at any given situation and see opportunity and then inspire me to do what I need to do in order to maximize that opportunity.  Kevin’s ability to cut to the chase and help me hone in on the most intelligent way forward has been invaluable.

Kathryn Davey

CEO, kathryndavey.com

Experience goes a long way in building a successful business. Most entrepreneurs are savvy about their ideas, but executing that idea/plan requires building and maintaining an essential infrastructure demanding experience most entrepreneurs lack, ultimately winding up with unnecessary aggravation and avoidable costly mistakes. I’ve worked with Kevin for over 10 years and his practical experience from having built his own multi-milliion dollar company can be be invaluable in giving you a cost effective way to help grow your business.

Joe Abrams

CPA, Abrams & Associates

I coached with Kevin to help me get focused on what I want out of my business and life. He zeroed in on the key issues like a laser. He helped me develop much greater clarity on my goals and how to achieve them.  I highly recommend him.

John Corcoran

CEO, Corcoran Law + SmartBusinessRevolution.com