How to increase your sales – sell to people, not companies
I was sitting with a client last week as he walked me through his marketing and sales plan. One of the markets his company was targeting was commercial property managers. It was an intelligent, well thought out plan but there was one thing missing.
His plan was focused almost entirely on the strength of logically presenting his company’s benefits and features.
“We offer a 60 min service guarantee”, “we have a fleet of trucks”, “we have the highest JD Power customer service ranking”…etc.
He forgot companies don’t buy services and products, people do.
Until you touch on what’s really important to your clients as individuals, you’re going nowhere fast.
For example, property managers as a “market” could care less about whether you can get to the job site within 60 mins. But Michelle Johnson, a mid-level property manager in a brand new company she just joined six months ago and is hoping to impress the CEO with her smart decisions so she makes VP within a year and then can take 3 months off to have her first baby – SHE gives a hoot if you’re there within 60 mins.
Find out – What’s the goal behind the goal?
Get into your clients’ world. They’re not cogs in a big corporate wheel. They’re real people with goals and aspirations and constraints of their own. How does them working with your company benefit them and their career or their life?
Focus on selling to people and watch your sales soar.
This Week’s Challenge:
Choose one client meeting that’s on your calendar this week. Take a risk, see if you can get beyond the “offering of benefits” and get into their world. Notice the level of relationship and trust that’s created on the back side of that conversation. Then, coach up your to do the same.

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