What if there was nothing wrong…ever?
I was sitting with a client this week who was stuck in the middle of some unwanted circumstances. Amy spent the better part of twenty minutes trying to convince me that the things she was dealing with, her husband, her employees and even herself were just plain wrong.
Like it was a fact.
Luckily for both of us, I didn’t bite.
Things are never “just the way it is”. They’re only how they seem to us in the moment.
When she was done talking I asked her to consider:
What if there was nothing wrong?
  • with you?
  • with them?
  • with the situation at hand?
Then what would be possible?
First she got the Scooby Doo face…that’s the moment when you see people consider how they have it put together in their heads might not necessarily be the reality. Then there was a big sigh, then a visible relaxation, then a smile.
You get your leadership power and abilities back when you drop into “what if there’s nothing wrong?” There’s work to do, sure – but it’s work from a place of creativity and possibility and brings about far greater results than barking at the moon.
This Week’s Challenge:
Choose an area where you’re not getting the result you want. Identify what and who you’re making wrong. Let it go. Then see what shows up for you to do in the space.