Helping entrepreneurs navigate powerfully in challenging times.

Practical and no nonsense coaching
for breakthrough results.

Helping entrepreneurs get to the next level of performance + fulfillment.

Practical and no nonsense coaching for breakthrough results.

I knew I needed to make the investment in coaching with Kevin, but I had no idea that my business would triple in the two years since we’ve been working together. I’ve generated millions of dollars in value out of our conversations.  That’s not theory, that’s real world results.

Seth Epstein

Founder and CEO Los York + Ysidro


While everything I do is uniquely tailored to assist you producing the results you want,
it’s all grounded in this simple but powerful methodology.

Commitment based.


Action oriented.


Outcomes impacted.

I embarked on a completely new career 3 1/2 years ago so I knew I wanted to work with Kevin when I made the change. During our work together I’ve been able to 8X my income. My trust and confidence in my ability to produce results has skyrocketed and the game we’ve set up for the next 18 months is both challenging and inspiring. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a coaching relationship.

Rosemarie Halajian

C.F.P. Financial Consultant


1.Look at your current reality

Get a clear view of your existing performance. Identify any blind spots so you can see what’s getting in your way.

2. Invent a new future

Set aside your default trajectory and create a compelling new future that lights you up.

3. Create a game plan

Get clarity on the next steps, and a clear plan that allows you to take action with focus and velocity.

4. Implement and see results

An emphasis on taking spontaneous action to create quick wins.  Learn to take the most direct path to seeing the results you want.

I originally coached with Kevin to build my existing business which is now nearly triple the size it was when we began.  Now I’m back for a second round of coaching as he just helped me complete the acquisition of a company that was twice our size.  We’re now working together on successfully integrating the people and systems in both companies to keep them on a solid growth track.  Kevin has also been invaluable in making sure I pay attention to having a life I love in addition to the bottom line business results.

Eric Eisen

Founder Eisen Environmental + CEO RLBrown Construction

Join the 2024 Kilimanjaro Project

A 9 month coaching program
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