Helping entrepreneurs navigate powerfully in challenging times.

Practical and no nonsense coaching
for breakthrough results.

Helping entrepreneurs get to the next level of performance + fulfillment.

Practical and no nonsense coaching for breakthrough results.

I’ve doubled my business over the past year in working with Kevin, and it was easy. He helps me think on my feet, so I prioritize the possibilities in front of me, making the most effective use my time. I value his honesty and the unyielding pursuit of truth in our actionable discussions together. While Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience that’s outside of my sphere, he’s not concerned about being the smartest person in the room. He’s more committed to me as his client producing the results I want.

Shmuel Silverman

Founder and CEO, Multiinovation


While everything I do is uniquely tailored to assist you producing the results you want,
it’s all grounded in this simple but powerful methodology.

Commitment based.


Action oriented.


Outcomes impacted.


1.Look at your current reality

Get a clear view of your existing performance. Identify any blind spots so you can see what’s getting in your way.

2. Invent a new future

Set aside your default trajectory and create a compelling new future that lights you up.

3. Create a game plan

Get clarity on the next steps, and a clear plan that allows you to take action with focus and velocity.

4. Implement and see results

An emphasis on taking spontaneous action to create quick wins.  Learn to take the most direct path to seeing the results you want.

Join the 2020 Kilimanjaro Project

A 9 month coaching program
finishes by hiking the 19,340 ft Mt
Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Designed to have you scaling the
summits of your self expression
and creating powerful results in
your business and professional