Created and led by Master Coach, Kevin Waldron

Standing on the summit of an iconic 19,341 ft mountain will change your perspective on life. The Kilimanjaro Project – a Life Leadership Challenge, will radically alter your experience of what’s possible; leaving you taking bold new action on whats most important to you in life.

As a businessman I started a company that grew to over $24M a year in sales. As a leadership coach I’ve had the privilege of helping individual and entrepreneurs transform their lives and businesses, and as an athlete I’ve had the thrill of standing on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This coaching program is inspired by the men and women who dare to create and then step into a compelling future.

The vision and mission of The Kilimanjaro Project is crystal clear. To use the metaphor of climbing an iconic 19,341 ft mountain to assist you in taking action on what’s most important to you in life. If you are selected as a candidate, you’ll embark on a 9 month coaching and training program that culminates in a successful ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, one of the world’s most challenging and majestic mountains.

Imagine what would be possible for you in business and in life if you were able to:


Discover what’s next … and then go do it.


your ability to take action on what’s important to you.


your physical limits and blow right through them.


Uncover a depth of hidden strength you never knew you had.


Develop a greater sense of trust in your leadership abilities Tap into your sense of adventure and daring.

What’s a result or an experience of life that’s been missing for you? The one that if you experienced it would leave you lit up, being the best version of yourself. If you’re selected you might find the work on your “inner Kilimanjaro” will be as challenging and rewarding as the actual mountain you’ll be climbing. On this 9 month journey you’ll move from your “default future”, what was going to happen anyway, into living out of a “created future” that calls you forth to be your highest and best self now.

This is a program for ordinary men and women who are committed to causing extraordinary results in life. It will take your heart, your soul, your time, your focus, your energy and 100% of your participation. To be selected as a candidate you don’t need to have previous “high mountain” hiking experience. Indeed that’s what The Kilimanjaro Project is about, taking on something you haven’t done before and demonstrating to yourself you’re capable of far greater performance than you ever thought possible.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Helen Keller


A 7 month coaching and training program that took a client’s personal and professional goals and mapped them onto climbing a 19,341 ft mountain in Africa.

Why not? Why Kili? Why now?

What’s your inner kilimanjaro? What’s missing in your life? What lights you up? How do you go get it?

Meet Dan, Age 40, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles CA, Married, 2 Kids

Project v. “Goal”

Promises & Agreements

physical – mental – emotional – spiritual

The 3 summits of the program

Win before you go – what can you accomplish now.

The climb – Africa!

Integrate – after you’ve summited, now what’s possible?

Small steps … The training begins

Yosemite training weekend

One summit complete

21 hours from San Francisco …6 days on the mountain …

4,300 ft, the climb begins

Umbwe Caves, Rainforest

“Pole, Pole” , Baranco Wall, 13,800 Ft

We accomplish nothing by ourselves


Keep the game fun

Push for the summit, Barafu Camp 15.092 ft

You’re stronger than you think, 11.45pm, 16,200 ft

Perspective, 17,000 ft

You did it, now what’s possible?

To find out if this program would be a fit for you contact Kevin at

What’s your inner kilimanjaro? What’s missing in your life? What lights you up? How do you go get it?

To find out if this program would be a fit for you contact Kevin at


THE 2024 KILIMANJARO PROJECT will explore three key distinctions and the questions they invite:

FULFILLMENT What’s the goal behind the goal for you? Who are you for yourself and who are you for the important people in your life? Where have you been holding back and what would happen if you unleashed all of you? Can you expand your vision of success to include well being, wisdom, wonder, compassion and giving?

LEADERSHIP Are you committed to something bigger than yourself? Are you able to have others count on your word? What possibilities can you create when things don’t go your way? These are questions you’ll explore both high on the mountain with your team and as you create your personal Kilimanjaro challenge. You’ll confront and transform any unworkable conversations that you’ve allowed to persist in your life, and get at the source of how to naturally and effortlessly take action.

EMBODIMENT What if you were more comfortable in your own skin, able to physically move through the world with more power, vitality and grace? What would happen for you if you brought more physicality to your life and your work? As we train to climb Mt Kilimanjaro you’ll go far beyond what you thought you were physically capable of, enhancing your ability to perform in life well after the climb is done.

I have never felt more alive as when I climbed Kilimanjaro, and I don’t just mean standing on the summit. The preparation, pushing myself to get in shape, overcoming my self doubts, the camaraderie of climbing a mountain with other people and more importantly, who I became after the climb. The whole experience contributed to creating an expanded sense of who I was as a leader, a husband, a father and a man. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

My coaching, much like Kili, is not for the faint of heart. When you tell me what you want, we’ll get at the source of what’s been stopping you. Then we’ll create a compelling future for you to step into. You will experience someone who completely gets you and who is 100% committed to you creating the result you want. I am compassionately relentless in serving my clients.

Consider, what would be possible for you and the people in your life if you choOse to undertake such an epic adventure?



Program fee – $49,000


This includes your guided climb of Mt Kilimanjaro, all meals, guides, porters, and accommodations on the Africa portion of the program


You are responsible for airfare and porter tips in Africa


Optional – Extend your trip with a Ngorongoro safari after the climb



Your 9 month program begins on March 1st, 2024 and ends on November 30th, 2024


You will be guided and supported by Master coach Kevin Waldron


You will receive one-on-one coaching sessions, twice per month, either in person, or by Zoom video session to create and advance your personal and business Kilimanjaro Result


You will have access to Kevin for “virtually unlimited” coaching for the entirety of the program, including email/text


You will receive counsel and support from experts on the subjects of preparing for high altitude hiking, fitness and nutrition


You will receive cutting edge leadership materials including books and audios


You will be held accountable for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual objectives over the course of the program


You will attend one training weekend – hiking + camping + coaching in beautiful and majestic Yosemite (early June)


You will fly to Africa and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro – leaving US on August 4th, 2024 and returning August 11th, 2024



The program officially starts on March 1st, 2024.

A San Diego area CEO is the first person to sign up.

The next two people who book a spot will get one to one coaching from me in January and February – that will get your 2024 goals off to a flying start …(an $8,000 value).


$1,000 airfare credit.


If you see these bonuses on the website, they are still available. I will take them down as folks sign up.



“In doing this program the thing I loved about it was how integrated everything was. I focused on some personal mountains and some business mountains then finished with climbing the physical mountain. Each helped the other and made for a more valuable experience.”

Dan Galitzen, 2015 Kilimanjaro Project


The format of the program involves three progressive summits.


Win before you go

Once you get clear on your personal and business Kilimanjaro project goals for the entire program, you’ll work to achieve at least one major milestone before we go to Africa.


The physical summit

Tanzania -19,341 ft. Be ready for one of the most funnest, challenging experiences of your life.


Set up for what’s next

You’ll come back down the mountain a different person. Stronger and more confident you’ll be ready and able to create the next chapter of your life.


The investment I made coaching with Kevin has been a lasting transformation that has continued to influence my decisions every day forward. Coaching with Kevin was like buying a magic bean … He helped me find the time and the value in digging deep into my personal and business goals. He then helped plant some seeds along the way that have now grown well up into the clouds giving me a much clearer view of my talents and abilities to achieve anything. Thanks again Kevin, for leading me towards the gold!

Dan Galitzen

Owner, School of Dance & Music studios - Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach

I’ve doubled my business over the past year in working with Kevin, and it was easy. He helps me think on my feet, so I prioritize the possibilities in front of me, making the most effective use my time. I value his honesty and the unyielding pursuit of truth in our actionable discussions together. While Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience that’s outside of my sphere, he’s not concerned about being the smartest person in the room. He’s more committed to me as his client producing the results I want.

Shmuel Silverman

Founder and CEO, Multiinovation

Kevin’s insightful coaching allowed me to sustainably increase my revenues helping people get amazing loans while working just a third of the time I did in years past.

Laura Levine

Senior Lending Advisor, T.I.A. Bank

One of the things I appreciate most about coaching with Kevin is that I always come away with concepts, ideas, and understandings of the world that soak into who I am on a deep level. It’s more than an event or a short term experience, it’s a metamorphosis that will forever impact the way that I do life and business.

Bjork Ostrom

Owner, & "A Pinch of Yum"

Kevin’s ongoing kindness, generosity and support have been instrumental in my company’s growth and success.  He has a fantastic ability to look at any given situation and see opportunity and then inspire me to do what I need to do in order to maximize that opportunity.  Kevin’s ability to cut to the chase and help me hone in on the most intelligent way forward has been invaluable.

Kathryn Davey


Let’s have a conversation

If this program sounds interesting to you in way, get in touch and lets have a conversation about what you would use it to create in your business and your life. You can reach me at 415-299-1247 or

“If not you, who?  If not now, when?  If not here, where?”

– Werner Erhard