While the majority of my work is one on one coaching, I’m often asked to work with the sales and management teams of my clients.  

Often, there’s a gap between what the CEO’s vision for the company is and how their team is engaged with executing on that vision.   My work with teams involves helping close that gap in a way that creates a sustained culture of performance. 

Much like on a great sports team, when everyone knows what the goal is and what their part in that goal is, extraordinary results can happen. 

Creating and working from the language of performance is the foundation of my work with teams. Including what it means to operate in integrity, how to create and keep powerful agreements with each other and how to be truly accountable.

Once that foundation of performance is in place its possible to create games worth playing that have people lit up and producing at a higher level.  The games themselves are trackable, winnable and designed to move the needle for a particular result.  Working with teams to be in relationship with their results as the games are being played and how to make adjustments to their actions and ways of being is some of the most important and value added coaching I do.

I typically work with teams over the phone or in videoconference sessions. 

In working with Kevin for the last two years, we’ve transformed from a haphazardly run, out of focus mechanical contractor into a sharply focused, hugely profitable firm with our profit margins increasing over 300%. As an owner, I’m more productive and crystal clear about what I want out of my business and my life. I’m really enjoying running my company again and the results we’re producing.

Rob Terry