Culture development

Move from an accidental culture to an intentional culture. Building an intentional culture involves all of the subtle interactions, structures, roles, and values that guide how people work. We work with companies through a process of “Be – Do – Have” to discover what makes them unique and what triggers behaviors and performance. Then to come up with a plan for how to best integrate behaviors, processes/systems, and structures so you truly have a culture that is reflective of your deepest values.

360 reviews

Designed to provide a comprehensive picture of a leader’s strengths and opportunities from all degrees of interaction in their role. This review is accomplished through confidential interviews with a list of stakeholders, that is a mix of board members and/or supervisors, peers, and direct reports and can even include partners and close personal relationships to add dimensionality. The feedback is aggregated into a report which is shared during a live, deep dive read out session. The deep dive includes a comprehensive self assessment and ends with development goals that drive coaching success. 

Systems and structures

How to make your systems and structure more effective and easier to deal with, from the perspective of your clients and the people inside your company. This can cover business processes, meeting management, budgeting and planning, reporting and goal management — all of which are key components to building a high performance company. 

People processes

This includes: recruiting, interviewing, hiring and separating, on boarding, performance management, leadership and development and team alignment.

The support we provide ranges from consultative feedback to full-scale design, and may include integration of software tools. 

Off-sites and workshops

Waldron Leadership designs and facilitates impactful off-sites for our clients based on a variety of goals, sizes and budgets. Whether focusing on small team development or company-wide connection and growth, our off-sites commonly focus on deep interpersonal development, strategic planning and alignment, communication strategies and individual development.

After working with Kevin we now have the systems in place and measurements that really help us to relax, prosper and know where we’re at all times. He was really patient in working with us, helping us install some financial controls that allowed us to grow our margins. Kevin helped us look at the whole picture and made it fun along the path. He started from nothing, kept growing and has continued to be successful, that was important to us in a business coach

Jeff Allen

Co-Founder and CEO, Community Fuels

All our workshops are custom designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

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