What If There Is Nothing Wrong…Ever?

What if there was nothing wrong...ever?   I was sitting with a client this week who was stuck in the middle of some unwanted circumstances. Amy spent the better part of twenty minutes trying to convince me that the things she was dealing with, her husband,...

ENJOY Your Time Off

Avoiding Burnout: ENJOY your time off. If you live in the United States, tomorrow is Memorial Day, a 3 day weekend which is traditionally the start of summer. So in a perfect world you’re not reading this newsletter as it goes out on a Sunday at 6am. I’ve...

What’s the Missing I Could Provide?

What’s the missing I could provide? I have a client, we’ll call him Bill, who is in the middle of selling one of his companies. The framework of the deal is great, but it’s a complicated transaction that’s been dragging on for a while. He just wants it to...

Ready For Monday

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