Grow your business. Love your life.




Designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and their senior teams, this year long program will support you in growing your business faster, more profitably and with less effort.  The Mastery Project is about achievement and fulfillment, creating a successful business while living a life you love.

Structured as a mastermind group, you’ll have the opportunity to produce extraordinary results, beyond what you might accomplish on your own.  

This is a program for people who are up to something big in business and in life.




In each live session you’ll be presented with core practices that will provide you with the foundation you need to build a great business.  Each core practice will be presented in clear non-technical language and will include examples of its application.  You’ll be given the opportunity to apply the core practice to your business and see how others have adapted it to theirs.  These core practices are what I used to build my own $24M a year disaster restoration company, with 5 offices and over 200 employees.  They are also the same distinctions I’ve used in developing and coaching my successful entrepreneurial clients.





This is not your typical information driven seminar where you just sit back and listen.

This is full contact, bring your real life challenges and get things moving in your world that are important to you.  You’ll discover your blind spots as a leader, see what’s getting in the way of you producing results and then re-create your business in the form of a game to play.

The coaching comes in the form of “hot seats” where participants bring real life situations they’re out to transform.  We’ll work through various exercises and assignments designed to facilitate new insights, shift your perspective and give you the opportunity to make new commitments.




If all you’re currently doing is answering to the CEO in your head you’re simply not going to produce the performance you’re capable of.

This is a commitment based, action oriented program.  That means come here, participate fully, then begin the real work when you return to your business on Monday morning.

You’ll keep the game alive and vital and manage your commitment between sessions by using a unique weekly statistics report built around the promises you made to yourself in the live sessions.




Most entrepreneurs are tired of going it alone.  Even with the support of significant others, teammates and board members one of the biggest complaints I hear is … “It’s tough doing this just by myself”.

There’s something magical that happens when you’re in a room with people who are going through the exact same challenges and spaces as you. The full day sessions, 6 over the course of a year, will get you out of your regular routine and your online world, and into a room with other like minded business owners.

The creativity that gets sparked by seeing how your peers are dealing with their challenges will give you fresh ideas and new avenues for action.

You’ll also have the opportunity to foster new relationships that develop outside of the formal group meetings.  These will be people who will have your back and when appropriate participants will often do business together.


In working with Kevin we’ve transformed into a sharply focused, hugely profitable firm with our profit margins increasing over 300%. I’m more productive and crystal clear about what I want out of my business and my life.

Rob Terry

CEO, Comfort Air Mechanical

Some of the areas we’re out to impact are:


Create a clear and compelling vision

  • Invent a future for your business that’s clear and inspiring – create a game worth playing.
  • Realize your intentions faster – how to go twice as fast with half the effort.

Increase sales and profitability

  • Increase your financial viability – create breakthroughs in bottom line profits.
  • Fill your sales pipeline with a consistent flow of desirable, profitable clients.

Build a performance-based business

  • Create a performance based company where everyone has clear roles and accountabilities.
  • Design systems and structures that make your business easier to manage.

Be a more authentic and effective leader

  • Develop a clear leadership style that inspires and moves people to produce extraordinary results.
  • Learn to make and keep more powerful agreements – with yourself and others.

Maximize your personal productivity

  • Prioritize your time and focus in a way that delivers on your commitments.
  • Get into “Flow” states more often – where you feel and perform at your best.


Program Highlights:


  • (6) one day in person sessions over the course of a year – 9-5pm, Novato, CA – on a Saturday.
  • (6) 90 minute monthly video conference sessions – grounding the work from the live sessions.
  • Small group format  – allows for more interaction and more individual coaching.
  • “Hot seat” coaching and training with Kevin.
  • Accountability – a unique weekly format that will keep you on point for breakthroughs.

Live Program Dates and Location


* Always a Saturday 9-5pm 

* All sessions area at Novato Oaks Inn in Novato, CA.   Located just north of San Francisco and just South of the Wine country.  Novato is a 45 min drive from San Francisco International airport.



September 8th

November 10th


January 19th

March 16th

May 18th

July 13th


Who is this program for?


If you’re a small to mid-size business owner interested in accelerating your growth rate while working more effectively and enjoyably, then this program is for you.


Lets talk!

I encourage you to contact me directly so we can talk more about what you can accomplish by participating.    Here’s a link to my calendar where you can set up a free 30 minute appointment.



$8,900 for the entire year when paid in full.

or 3 separate payments of $3,300.>

If you’d like to enroll, please contact me directly and we can talk about what you’d like to get out of the program and I’ll give you payment details.


If you can get in a room with Kevin Waldron, consider yourself lucky! He’s an amazing human being and business person and cuts right to the heart of it.  Big results in a short time span. 
Jeremy Weisz


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Who leads the program


Kevin Waldron is the founder of Waldron Leadership, a business coaching and consulting company, that helps business owners and their teams achieve higher levels of performance.  An experienced entrepreneur, Kevin started and grew a $24M a year disaster restoration company with over 200 employees and 5 offices, before selling his business to a national franchise.  Based in Novato CA,  Kevin now works with business owners and clients around the world to grow their results.  In 2015 he pioneered the Kilimanjaro Project, a life leadership program, that had him take a client to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Kevin is also the author of the upcoming book “LOOK! … How high performers change how they see their world to create a life worth living.”  Meet him at