How to Move from Frustration to Creating New Agreements

As much as we entrepreneurs like to think of ourselves as masters of our own destiny, it’s amazing how often things don’t go our way. And when they don’t, we all get frustrated, we all get upset.

… and if you notice, our default is to have our upset be with the people who are supposed to be helping us win our game.

I believe anger or frustration – in the moment – are not necessarily unproductive emotions. They can often get us to recognize something that isn’t working and move us into action.

It’s the being on rails about something (or usually someone) that trips us up. It’s the resentments, the disappointments and the replaying of conversations in our heads that don’t move our situations forward. We get whiny and lose our power to impact our own game.

Here’s the fastest fix I know for getting rid of any frustration with someone.

Get out of your head and initiate a conversation with the person involved. Then create a new agreement.

It starts with cleaning up any upset over what happened. Example – so they didn’t hit their 3rd quarter numbers like they said they would. Identify what the source of that breakdown was – and move on.

What do you want them to do now, and by when?

Life and business is lived on a “go forward” basis. Creating new agreements gets you out of your head and back in your game.

This week’s challenge:
Pick one relationship where you’re secretly ticked off or resentful and go create a new agreement. Notice the energy that unleashes both for you and the other person.

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