Stuck in a rut? – turn your business into a game.

Here’s a cool interview I did with one of my favorite coaching clients on the power of “Playing the Game of Business”.

Bjork Ostrom and his wife Lindsay are the owners of the wildly successful FoodBloggerPro. They’ve built a highly lucrative, personally fulfilling online company that truly serves their community. And, they’re two of the cleanest, sharpest and decent people doing business on the web today.

When you create your business as a game to play – results are easier to produce, you have less stress and more joy along the way.

So if you want some of that, it’s worth a listen(or read the transcript.)

This Week’s Challenge:

If you were going to create your business as a game, what might that look like? How would you know if you won? How would you keep score? Who are the players? When is the game over?