What do you LOVE?

The power of a great question can come in the most ordinary of interactions.

As Jeanine sat down in the stylist chair for a haircut, Vanessa first asked her “what brings you in today, what would you like?” Jeanine replied “oh I don’t know, same as last time I suppose, this is what I usually get”.

Vanessa, being a great stylist, leaned in and asked her with a thoughtful and cheeky smile “sure, but what do you love?”

What a beautiful question for both people.

For Jeanine, it made her think beyond what she would just be satisfied with and for Vanessa, it gave her a chance to do something creative and special for her client.

What would you rather do, “cut hair” all day long or make people feel fantastic for having been in your space?

…and imagine if you set up your company to be able to find out what your customers really wanted under the surface reasons they seem to come to your business for…and delivered that.

Think about how it would impact every single metric you claim is important in your business, from your sales to your employee retention to your bottom line.

This week’s challenge
Get curious!

For yourself – what do you love?…in haircuts, trips, dinners, relationships, businesses – do more of that.
For your customers – call a few of them up – ask them…what do they love?…what problem does your product/service really solve for them. Take what they tell you and build that into all your business processes.

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