Wishing doesn’t make it so.

I know this isn’t a newsflash to most of you reading this, but it’s not easy to build a business that sustains over time.

Being on the path of Mastery really asks something of you.

You have to be willing to risk. To have something at stake. Your time, your money, your willingness to be wrong. To not actually get the result you intended.

I had a meeting this week with a prospective new client. We’ll call her Sue. She had a business that was ticking along, but clearly wanted it to go to the next level. Unfortunately, she “wanted” it more than she was willing to risk herself for it. She was in hope about the next phase of her business, which is not a powerful place to create from.

Her vision was full of buzzwords like “change agent”, “disruption”, ”empowerment” etc. but her strategy seemed to consist of waiting for something, or someone, to come along from the outside to magically be a match for that vision.

But that’s not how this entrepreneurial thing works.

Merely wanting something is never enough. You have to create your business as a possibility…but then you have to get your ass in the game.

A real game. Where you could actually lose.

I have such admiration for the ones who risk. Who are willing to stand for a result not yet seen. Who are willing to play their game joyfully and with purpose, all the while not knowing if it’s going to work out.
That’s mastery.

This week’s challenge
Think of a result you’d like to have be a reality. One that’s been circling the edges of your mind, that for whatever reason you’ve haven’t committed to yet.
Risk – Write out the commitment in plain language with a “by-when” date.
Then create a game around it – and start playing. Joyfully and with purpose.
Possibility = being willing to stand for a result not yet seen.

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